Here for You; A Patient Experience Training Resource

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Here for You; A Patient Experience Training Resource

Juice Learning are delighted to have completed the development of an innovative Patient Experience training resource pack for our clients at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. The resource, while highly relevant to NHS Trusts in its own right, also forms an important developmental milestone in Juice Learning’s NHS product portfolio as we are progressing a ground-breaking new blended Patient Experience & Patient Safety product for NHS Trusts.

The resource, which has been designed to support the ongoing development of Croydon’s ‘Here for You’ organisational culture, is to be delivered in-Trust by a select group of trainers following a train the trainer course delivered by Juice’s specialist NHS facilitator, Andy Thomas.

The ‘Here for You’ Trainers’ Resource serves as the culmination of a 2 year programme of 124 live training events delivered by Juice Learning to over 3,100 employees of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. The key objectives of the programme have been to promote a culture of excellent patient experience throughout the Trust and to embed the five ‘Here for You’ promises into the everyday behaviours and attitudes of staff:

• You feel cared for
• You feel in safe hands
• You feel confident
• You feel we value your time
• You feel it’s getting better

The live training events, each lasting a half-day, comprised of a blend of expert facilitation, live theatre scenarios, audience discussion and participation and were designed to encourage Trust employees to reflect upon their own practice and the impact, positive or negative, which it has upon patients.

Patient Experience, Here for You, NHS Training, Behaviour Change, Culture Change, Resource Packs

One of the ‘Here for You’ film scenarios. Is this consultant getting it right?

Given the immense popularity of these sessions and the motivation and appetite for positive behavioural change which was generated amongst the workforce, the Trust decided to invest in a sustainable ongoing learning resource which could be utilised for top-up, mop-up and induction training as required.

The resource is comprised of an effective blend of comprehensive session objectives, facilitation tips, group activities, key discussion topics, bespoke film content produced by our award-winning media team and a range of supporting materials to ensure an interactive and immersive learning experience is created for participants.

#hellomynameis, NHS, Patient Experience, Behaviour, Attitude, Training

Kate Granger describes #hellomynameis to our interviewer

The #hellomynameis campaign forms another integral component of the training resource and we were incredibly fortunate to be able to interview Dr Kate Granger, the founder this aspirational movement. In the interview she shares the personal experiences which inspired her to initiate #hellomynameis and her views on the vital importance of personal introduction and interpersonal connection from those involved in all aspects of the delivery of care, from hospital porter to senior consultant.

Juice proudly adds this trainers’ pack to our ever-expanding portfolio of training resources created for clients on subject matter as varied as Behavioural Safety, Customer Experience, Equality & Diversity and Leadership.

As we look ahead, given our depth of experience in the fields of both Patient Experience and Behavioural Safety, we cannot ignore the inextricable link between Quality and Safety and its relevance to the NHS at the present time. There is a clear need for a solution to address the behaviours, attitudes and culture which support individuals, teams, departments and organisations to deliver safe, high-quality care to their patients. Moreover, there is an imperative for any intervention to be delivered in such a way as to make a tangible and measurable impact upon practice at the front-line.

To this end, Juice Learning is developing a ‘Quality and Safety’ product of 3 parts:

Leading Quality & Safety – A 1 day course for Trust leaders & managers
Delivering Safe, High-Quality Care – A ½ day course for Trust staff
Establishing a Legacy – A resource pack for Trust-led Quality & Safety interventions

For further information on ‘Here for You’ or our ‘Quality and Safety’ package, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via: or (0844) 504 7575


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